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Grow your business with the most direct form of advertising - Letterbox distribution - Flyer/Leaflet deliveries - Direct marketing

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LINK Elite

"Flyers To Your Buyers"

Letterbox distribution

to Lake Macquarie & Newcastle


LINK Elite - About us

Our Story

Like many other people we were tired of receiving our advertising materials rolled up and tossed onto our lawn or into our garden. We spent our weekends in the yard to make it look nice, not just to see newspapers and brochures thrown all over it within the week !

Realising how much time and money businesses spend on their marketing, it was alarming to watch their flyers rolled up into someone else's advertising materials, possibly not even being viewed, thrown onto lawns whilst it is raining and then tossed into the garbage because it's too damaged to read. It was time for a change.

An Idea is


Realising letterbox distribution needed to change, we created LINK Elite.

Good old fashioned hard workers who believe in doing the job right the first time.

Get LINKed to your buyers with our Elite service

Why Us ?

We are the Elite service you have been waiting for.

Your letterbox distribution professionals

Get LINKed to more customers

Fully Insured propriety business

Supervised distribution ensures your marketing materials are delivered professionally and completely.

Guaranteed delivery service

= more targets reached

Distributing in the Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and surrounding areas

Discuss your distribution plan with us to ensure you obtain the best results with our local knowledge

Our Guarantee

~ Never rolled into a catalogue

~ Never folded into a newspaper

~ We respect " No Junk Mail " letterboxes

~ Fully supervised by our team leaders

~ We walk and hand deliver into letterboxes